MathMinutes Video Series
A series of quick and easy videos that cover some of the basics of Mathematics


Using the four basic mathematical operations- addition, subtraction, multiplication and division- as well as exploring order of operations with and without a calculator.
Multiplication Without a Calculator
Long Division
Order of Operations
Simplifying Radicals Without a Calculator


Using the rules for operations of fractions and mixed numbers with and without the use of a calculator. Also, considering the applications of these rules to the real world.
Addition of Fractions and Mixed Numbers
Subtraction of Fractions and Mixed Numbers
Multiplication of Fractions and Mixed Numbers
Division of Fractions and Mixed Numbers


Defining the term percent and discovering the use of this concept in the real world, as well as dealing with decimal numbers and the rounding of those values.
Decimals and Rounding


Exploring the world of algebra, including solving for variables and factoring.
Basic Algebra
Exponent Rules
Factoring- Common Factors
Factoring- x^2 + bx + c
Factor by Grouping
Factoring- ax^2 + bx + c
Factoring- Difference of Squares


Focusing on methods of graphing a linear equation or straight line.
Graphing a Line With a Table of Values
Graphing a Line Using Slope and y-Intercept


Specific functions of angles and their application to calculations.
Finding the Hypotenuse
Finding the Side Other Than the Hypotenuse
Finding a Side
Finding an Angle
Pythagorean Theorem Application


Looking at the definition of a logarithm, as well as Laws of Logarithms and how to use them.
Definition of a Logarithm
Laws of Logarithms
Simplifying Logarithms Into Single Logarithms
Logarithms in Expanded Form

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The concept for the Math Minutes Video Series was inspired by Christopher Yeung and Victoria Cheesman,
Mohawk College Math Learning Centre tutors. Working with students every day, they identified common
challenges and developed the idea of short videos to help students be successful.
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The Mohawk Math Minutes Video Series is brought to you by:
Initial Storyboards, Topics and Examples: Christopher Yeung, Victoria Cheesman, and Mehreen Tariq, Learning Support Centre and Continuing Education
Production: Andrew Connery, Centre for Teaching & Learning, Mohawk College
Content and Performance: Lindsay Richardson, Faculty, Mohawk College
Hair & Makeup: Brittany Simon, student, Mohawk College Makeup Artistry program.

Here's a "Behind the Scenes" look at the production of these videos.